Cafe Coffee Day App offer:

Updated: CCD is giving 100rs for joining bonus and 50 rs per referral

Previously Cafe Coffee Day is giving 100beans for referral now it  reduced to 50 beans, Now also you can promote ant

Offer: Pay with the lime wallet and get 10% beans back to your account.

How to get free 100 rs in Cafe Coffee Day App:

1.Download New Cafe Coffee Day  App from play store


2.Give your details like name, email id, mobile number, Both need to verify in order to show at counter

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Enter My referral code: GADD61  (use GADD61 otherwise you won’t get free 100 beans)

      3.Once you verify then, your wallet credited with 100beans

4. Now go to my balance  >> Wallet  >> Signup for wallet then your account will be credited 50beans

5.One bean is equaled to one rupee. Now you have 150 rs in your CDD account.

6.Now go to Menu & Click on Free Drinks, and you will find your unique referral code.

Refer friends and get earn Rs.50 per successful referral.

Referral quantity is attributable once your friend purchases a nutrient at a CCD store.

How to make referrals:Cafe Coffee Day

  • Click on get free drinks if you are a new user get
  • Share your referral code with your friends

You can use the lime wallet to pay at CCD:

Pay with the lime wallet and get free 10% as wallet beans.

How to redeem:

Choose to pay in CCD app, show the barcode at cafe counter if you have any prob


  1. Your friend must spend his beans at CCD.
  2. One bean is equaled to one rupee, but beans can be redeemed only with beverages.
  3. Need show bar code at CCD to pay money with wallet.
  4. Lime wallet powered by Axis bank, As it indicates that your money is secured.

The difference between wallet money and beans:

beans can be used only with beverages, but wallet can is used for any purchase on cd.

You can still make some free coffees with this offer,  Make use of referal options


Yes, it is a verified offer, now you can refer and earn more beans to spend on coffee and other beverages, Download now, and start inviting friends to get free drinks.


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