Download Tez application and earn Rs.51 instantly


Tez is the most rewarding app to earn money instantly. And now Google is providing a simple and easy way to do payment through the Tez app. And it is a very simple and easy way to do unlimited transactions by using the application.No charges will apply. And most of the people worried about doing the transactions and it is very easy to do the transaction. And the application same as phonepe. And if you want to send the money to another person that person having a Tez account and that linked to the bank account.

And it is providing refer and earn offer.

Refer to another person and get Rs.51 both instantly when the referred person make payment to others.


Steps to download the app:

Download the app through the link only.

Then you will get a referral and referred money.

Next, select your language.

Next, enter your phone number and email id that must be linked with a bank account.

Then, create your Google pin.

And next enter your phone number that number link to a bank account.

Which number having to the bank account for getting account-related messages.

Next, verify the phone number.

And click on add bank.

Next, select your bank it directly redirected to your bank and you will receive a message to your bank added successfully.

After that, you will see the profile.

And send Rs.1 to the referred person.

After a successful transaction, you and your referred friend will get Rs.51.

Next click on new.

And send the amount Rs.1 rupee to the referred person you will see the profile photos.

Click on that profile photo and send Rs.1 to that person.

And it is very easy to do the unlimited transaction on the phone by using the application


Click on the offer and you will see the refer option.

And start referring to your friends.

You will get referral money only your friend download the through your link and do the successful transaction only.

How to earn rewards:

By sending RS.150 or more to another Tez user then you will get the scratch cards up to 5 for a week.

How to check rewards:

You can earn rewards by sending money to other Tez users you can earn the scratch cards.

How to Check Balance on TEZ:

Click on the top right corner you will see the dots click on dots then you will see the setting option and click on setting then you will see the bank account click on that and enter the pin or password.

If you have not earned the referral rewards then click on referral code and enter the referral code and send RS.51 to that person you will get the referral rewards.


If you’re not getting referral rewards then enter the referral code and send RS.1 to the person.


It is very easy to do the transaction and earn money by referring friends



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