Jio phone features (Free With 1500 Deposit,Unlimited 4G)

Jio phone features (Free With 1500 Deposit, Unlimited 4G)

New releasing Jio phone features must know everyone before buying the phone.
Today most of the people are using the Jio SIM. Now Jio will ready to launch the Jio phone Without taking the single rupee. Here paying the Rs.1500 will be security purposes only and that money will be refunded after 3 years if you returned the phone. Here we will tell you some important features of the Jio phone.
Jio Phone launch date is in September, with bookings starting Aug. The phone comes with an optional TV cable. Jio’s new phone has many smart-phone-like features but no WhatsApp yet.Jio phone features

Jio Phone bookings will start on August 24 for the general public, both online and offline. You can make place your Jio Phone booking via the MyJio app or from an offline Jio store (the company is opening 10,000 more offline stores this year). Those who pre-book the handset will start receiving their order in September on a first-come, first-serve basis. The company plans to deliver 5 million units each week. As a feature phone, the device has an alphanumeric keypad and a small 2.4-inch color screen. Apart from the presence of a rear camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, NFC, and of course 4G VoLTE, not much is confirmed at the moment.

The company has confirmed to Gadgets 360 that the phone will come in a single SIM configuration, and will work with Jio SIM card only as it is compatible with 4G VoLTE networks.

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12 things You need to know about JIO PHONE

1.Jio phone not having WhatsApp (Consider it as a drawback ).
WhatsApp will not run on Jio’s phone if downloaded also.
2. Another thing you must know Jio’s phone will not be having a hotspot(This shows that the unlimited data needs to be used in JIO PHONE only). phone support WiFi(You can connect to all nearby wifi, jio planning to give free wifi in colleges). phone will have two variants(These are variant with its processors ).
With Qualcomm Processor – Snapdragon 205 and With Spreadtrum Processor. phone can be booked on my Jio app or Jio store.
6.FUP limit is very low due to the screen is small it will consume low will be saved.
7. Pay full amount Rs.1500 at the time of booking the phone. The money will be refunded after the 36 months if you returned the phone. Rs1500 hundred will be a security purpose.
8. Recharge every time when the phone empty balance. otherwise, the security deposit money will not be refunded.
9. Jio’s phone will support a single SIM only.
10. Booking starts on August 24 both online and offline stores.
11. Jio’s phone will support Jio SIM and the 4g volte network only.
12.Jio phone support FM radio, Bluetooth, NFC, and has a front camera.


These are the features of the Jio phone every one must know when you are buying the Jio phone.

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