Hi Guys, Hope You are doing Wonderful Everyday.Today there a New app for Earning Money.

Basically, We have gone through many Apps which are useful for earning money.Like wise one is a New app which is trending now.

This app always extracts New deals &Exclusive Offers for you.

It will keep updated with Latest product launch, Unique Fashion styles, Gadgets, Travel offers.

OneAD will allow you to give you instant offers which are looking while travelling and need them on urgent basis.

 This app is full of Real-time Offers, Discount Coupons which make you a good shopper.

Casual shopping sometimes gives more value for money than urgent items.Here we need to browse the internet for finding Offers & Discounts as all are available here.

Click Here To Download


First, you have to download the app from the following link.

It is available on new version of OneAD app only.

Download the new version from the above link.

Then open the app.

Here you find some instructions,j ust read them.


Then sign up with the details.

  1. Use the referrel code  558rb

After registration, you will get rs.3.9 into your account.And you can check every day cashbonus here.

 Then you keep on referring friends so that you can earn upto Rs.2.5 lakh per month.

The users should be active.

  Expected monthly income will be shown here.

  Here it also shows the number of active users.

 This amount you can withdraw  to your Bank account.You receive ypur daily income in this account.

Daily Income =Expected  Monthly income/30.


Here it also shows the withdrawl Amount.

Here it shows your Network.This is what you are Earning.

There are total 10 levels.


Accordin g to these levels there will be Earning.

At the final level @ 10 th level you can earn 2,50,000 rupees. Here it shows My Network.

[Assuming that each member refers 6 members]

Earlier is was mentioned that you make shopping through this app.

Terms and Conditions:

If you don’t have the Account Download the app by the below link.

You should register the app with the phone number which is linked with your Bank account to which the money will be withdrawn.

Refer people as much as possible.


This is the special app for earning money through referring. You can earn upto 2.5 lakhs which is a huge amount.


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