Rappio refer id : Earn money with incoming calls (2022)

Earn money for incoming calls, rappio is a useful application that makes money for you for incoming calls. Ya, it is true. Now I will explain to you how to get money from rappio and apply rappio refer id. Want to earn unlimited money by referring and earn check how to make money with camp cash.

Why Rappio:  

Rappio is an android application which provides a variety of cool ringtones, That excellent and pays for every ringtone plays for incoming calls. Sometimes money is paid for missed calls also. When you use your favorite apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Flipkart, and Amazon, and much more, you will get data back to your account if you use with mobile data with a data back app.

Note: volume of mobile must be above 10% to get money from incoming calls

How much I get paid with Rappio:

the reward varies from 0.25 per incoming call to 0.5, but we can get full recharge money if you get huge incoming calls otherwise you need to register and leave it so that it makes you money on the background.

About Rappio offer:

  1. Get 0.5 to 0.25(May vary) for every ring you played for an incoming call(keep more days to get money without doing anything)
  2. Get free five Rs for referral
  3. get weekly prizes

Use Refer Code : 60F3P3BR

Install Rapppio App:

  1. Download and install rappio app from Playstore
  2. The link is redirected to play store click on install ( Give permissions )
  3.  There are random tunes available
  4. Give priority to tunes(By default the priority based on revenue for one ring)
  5. Not just leave it. You will start earning money for every ring.

Rappio refer id {Refer & Earn} :

  1. Click on the top right three dots available when you open the app
  2. Click on refer friends
  3. Then you will get a unique referral ID (Shown below)rappio refer id
  4. Ask your friends to download from referral links (rappio refer id) or use refer id when register for the new account
  5. For anyone using your referral code, then you will get paid 5rs

Redeem Rappio Money:

  1. Once you reach 30 rs in Rappio, then you are free to redeem
  2. Redemption is through mobile recharge

Features of Rappio:

  1. No need to check daily
  2. If your volume is below 10% then informs you that you are not eligible to receive money
  3. I can check the overall rings and earned money.
  4.  Cool UI with less MB.

Proof of Money earned (Rappio Refer Id):

Here is the proof of money earned from the last two days


Want to call to friends without registration from browser check free calling websites.

Final words:

I am impressed by this thought of paying money for rings. It makes us more money if we receive more calls.  Simply rappio spending money for incoming calls. Please share your comments below. Stay updated with our social pages.

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