Here paytm is the one the most popular Indian e-commerce shopping website. It gradually provided recharges and bill payment of various portals including electricity bills, gas bills, as well as telephone bills and movie tickets and groceries and travelling and hotel bookings and electronics and party store and stationery, etc.Most of the people are using paytm and day by day online marketing is growing.And most of the people are worrying about OTP login.When we login in paytm that’s everytime send OTP which is many times we not verified Becuase which number does not have at this time or any other condition.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Download the old version of paytm app instead of new version from playstore version1.0
  • And enter the email id or mobile number and enter the password.
  • Automatically open your account without asking OTP.
  • Then do whatever you want.
  • Benefits of login paytm account without OTP.
  • Directly login into paytm account.
  • Without waiting for OTP verification.
  • Losses of login paytm account without OTP.
  • If the other person knows your mail id and password or mobile number and password, then he will misuse your account.
  • It’s better to log in with a one-time password.
  • If your account is lost then recovery your account by downloading an old version of the paytm application after  recovery of your account, then add new mobile no to secure purpose.
  • If you want to change your mobile number, you will not get pending amount from paytm.
  • If you want pending amount then you can not change your mobile number.
  • You can use the old version of the paytm application.


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